End of Term Update

The energy and enthusiasm shown by the children whilst organising and running the cake sale reflects their attitude towards their time at school. I have been hugely impressed with the way the Year 5 children have risen to the challenge of taking more responsibility for their own learning – this is a natural part of … More End of Term Update

Cake Sale

Wow – this lot should be on the Apprentice! Clearly, Mr. Waters schooled them to perfection in the art of squeezing every last penny out of their customers. Profit of £133.40 – give or take a few ‘old’ pound coins. Massive thank you for all the baking, setting up, clearing up and dipping into purses. … More Cake Sale

Cake Sale

The children have decided that they would like to donate the profit from their cake sale tomorrow to  Chestnut Tree House. They discussed lots of worthy causes, but decided this was the one they would support on this occasion. We  look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon – there are lots of volunteers in Kestrels, … More Cake Sale

Update 2

I apologise if some people did not receive the email with details about tomorrow’s trip to Cumnor. The children will be walking up to Cumnor at 1.30pm. I would suggest they bring wellies (they can always take up a comfy pair of shoes to change into once they get up there). They will be returning … More Update 2


I know the children are looking forward to the trip to Cumnor House tomorrow. A reminder that there will be no netball club as the children will be otherwise engaged. I have reminded the children that they need to be checking the Maths homework site regularly so they can complete the quizzes. I will see … More Update

This Week’s Learning

In Maths, the children have been looking at factors, multiples and prime numbers. In English, we have continued our work on Street Child. For Science, we have completed work on evolution. For homework, the children have been given the task of completing a picture for The Village Cookbook. I will be choosing a random selection … More This Week’s Learning