Harvest Festival

Well done to all the children. It was lovely to see some of the class showcasing their musical talents. They should be really proud of their efforts and their willingness to take risks. I hope they will inspire others to have a go.

I thought all the class read their lines clearly and faultlessly. Looking back, it is hard to imagine that this time last year some of these children were daunted by the prospect of performing in front of an audience.

Many thanks for all the donations – as you are aware, the food will be going to a most worthwhile cause.

The Maths quizzes are now up and running. They are updated regularly. I would be grateful if the children could be gently reminded to check what needs to be completed. Already, I am able to see where there are areas of mathematical confusion – hopefully, I will be able to unravel through follow up work.

If your child is playing in the football on Thursday, and would like a hot lunch before they leave for the tournament, please let me know. I can then make arrangements for them to eat at 12 o’clock.


2 thoughts on “Harvest Festival

    1. One should appear every few days, but they can always access them after the expiry date by using the ‘try again’ button. Now that the children are getting the right quizzes allocated to their login they shouldn’t need to search for them. The quizzes are set to check knowledge at time of learning and then again a few weeks later. Because of the mixed year groups, I’m sometimes a bit out of kilter with the scheme, but, in these situations, they can use a few Learning Powers… resorting to , ‘Imagine, Imagine ‘ if desperate!


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