End of Term Update

The energy and enthusiasm shown by the children whilst organising and running the cake sale reflects their attitude towards their time at school. I have been hugely impressed with the way the Year 5 children have risen to the challenge of taking more responsibility for their own learning – this is a natural part of moving into Upper Key Stage 2, and they have shown great resilience and resourcefulness. All the Year 6 children made a massive effort at the beginning of the term – aware of the importance of this year; that they have sustained this throughout the term has shown their maturity and positive attitude towards their learning.

Yesterday, I gave the children 12 words from this term’s spelling lists – providing reassuring words, “Just do your best” – I was amazed at how many of them scored a double figured result. This is reflective of their desire to do their best. They certainly deserved a few minutes of extra play, something they had not been expecting.

I have asked the children to continue their good reading habits over the holiday, but journals do not need to be kept. Likewise, many of the children are regularly completing the Maths quizzes – if your child has missed a deadline they can still be accessed by going to, ‘ All assignments’ and clicking on the ‘Try Again’ tab. They will continue to be updated during the holiday.

The children have produced some fabulous topic work this term. Please do pop in and share the work with your child. Interestingly, there is an article on the BBC news page today about birds in the UK having longer beaks due to garden feeders. This fits in so well with our work on Darwin. I would be interested to hear what the children think about this up-to-the-minute discovery.

I wish you all a relaxing and restful holiday – enjoy.


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