Sharing Our Thoughts

We’ve had a chat about our residential trip to Grosvenor Hall. There were lots of ‘interesting’ questions – some of which I was able to answer. I have told the children that they will be fully involved in selecting the activities and sorting rooms. Please do ask any questions you have, and let me know if your child has any worries – often a word of reassurance is all that is needed. In light of some of the questions today, I will need to brush up on my knowledge of building materials!

Well done to the Year 6, who ’embarked’ on a voyage of discovery with Fractions. First session was relatively painless – long may it last. Year 5 have been grappling with reasoning and problem solving, involving long multiplication – really tricky to explain why something works.

If all goes to plan – it will be guitar lessons tomorrow and PE on Friday.



2 thoughts on “Sharing Our Thoughts

  1. Happy New year to you all, I have only just seen this. Harry Boreham is allowed to watch ET hope they all enjoy it
    Steve Boreham


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