Astronaut Training

I do hope you have all enjoyed a happy festive season. Looking ahead to this week – we will be beginning astronaut training on Wednesday. Therefore, please can you ensure all ‘cadets’ have PE kit on the first day back. I would like to use the film ET as a starting point for our work. … More Astronaut Training

Happy Hols

Thank you to everyone for all your support this term – I am so lucky to work in such a close knit community – today being a point in evidence. The time in church gave me time to pause and reflect – what a busy 2017 we have had. I hope those who have moved … More Happy Hols

No More Sleeps

Well done- we’re nearly there! We will be walking up to church at 1.30 – if anyone fancies a walk, surrounded by lots of scintillating conversation- we’d appreciate any help in shepherding the flock safely. We’re watching a DVD and partying this morning. A few last minute practising for our performance this afternoon thrown into … More No More Sleeps

Last Days

We will be giving the trays a spring clean tomorrow. Please could you remind your child to have a bag in school to take things home in. On Wednesday, the children can watch a DVD for part of the morning. If your child has any favourites (U please), which they would like to bring in, … More Last Days

Christmas Friday

Lovely day – scrummy lunch and panto fun. Have a lovely weekend. Please remember we have a church service on Wednesday  afternoon, in which Kestrels will be presenting, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. We also intend to have a DVD/ party time on Wednesday morning to see off Casper in style. A few nibbles might … More Christmas Friday

A Wonderful Day

All jobs have their highs and lows; today was one of those days that you want to bottle and never forget. Like a good wine, I hope the children will, some time in the future, open the bottle and savour. Every child had challenges within the task and I loved the way they all supported … More A Wonderful Day