This Week

It’s been a busy few days. The cadets are busy building up strong muscles and improving co ordination. They watched ET, and they are now going to write a description of the planet he came from (and you thought I was just giving them an easy start to the term!).

They have been recruited to take part in the Astro Science Challenge. Mission 1 is  underway. The children can access the site from home, but they do need their passwords.

We invited Foxes to join us making milk planets today. I was hugely impressed with how patient and kind they were when helping the younger children. We then had our own go and experimented with different techniques. If you try this at home, remember to use full fat milk.

Next week’s spellings are now on the relevant page. I will be giving back the children’s reading diaries on Monday, so they can restart their logs from then on – I will be collecting them in each Monday.

I would like the children to spend some time this weekend talking, at home, about their learning so they are fully engaged with the topic. They are carrying out research about the ISS and Tim Peake. Fran has kindly lent us a Tim Peake book, and several other children are keen to bring in their books from home to help them with their research.

On Monday, they will be writing a description of the planet they have created. The Year 6 children need to be attempting to allow the reader to make inferences about the planet. I’ve reminded them about using our senses when writinng a  description. We’ve talked about climate, landscape, colour, natural resources, religion, natural weather phenomena, structures (‘man’ made, natural)…… the list goes on. The children would really benefit from talking about their ideas, so they ‘re ready to let their creative juices flow on Monday!

Enjoy a few photos of this week’s work – there seems to be an astronaut who keeps popping up in the photos!

Have a lovely weekend.


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