This Week’s Learning

In Maths, we have been looking at place value and Yr 5 have completed some work on multiplication. We used a partly filled up table of data about the planets to give us practice in gathering information from a table. To provide an opportunity to consolidate their use of written methods, I gave them 10 tricky questions about planets to answer. I think most of them can now tell you the distance covered if you placed the planets side by side. They’ve created their own questions and calculated some amazing facts of their own.

In English, the children have written the setting for a planet. Do come in and read them. They have  made  a clay model of the hero/villain who will be in their story. Next week, we will write character descriptions and concentrate on the qualities and actions of villains and heroes. Any ‘talk’ around this at home would be hugely beneficial.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to make the planets today – we were so busy finishing off other pieces of work. However, they will be made at the beginning of next week. I’m not going to give the children too much time to create their visual presentation so nothing too complicated please.

The children have been finding out about planets. This has led to children finding their own areas of interest. Ollie is a pro on Albert 1-6 and Sam has been recording his research findings to put on display. Some of the scientific concepts are quite challenging for those of us without a degree in astroscience – any help would be appreciated in answering some of those questions at home. The astronaut training is continuing   – fitness devices are beeping and flashing – and most of the children are noticing an improvement (mostly due to mastery of technique, rather than anything else!)

Homework and spellings are now on the relevant pages of the blog. I’ve suggested about an hour’s work on the gods – spread over the two weekends – but they can obviously do more if they feel so inclined.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’m sure our ‘lost’ classmate is relieved his first week is over (we miss you lots).


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