Snow Letter

Lizzie has sent out a letter regarding procedures for tomorrow. I have posted a copy in the letters section of this blog. Advertisements

World Book Day

Just to remind you – although the rest of the world will be celebrating tomorrow -Danehill will be having their book day on Friday (this is due to the EY/KS1 trip that was going to be on Thursday – but now isn’t!). Because of all the upheaval this week, we will be keeping it low … More World Book Day


The children, who were in school today, have brought home (hopefully) a copy of our class novel. IF, school is NOT open tomorrow, I would ask that they read Chapter 5, ‘My Visible Friend’. This will mean we can go directly into the writing that is linked to this chapter next time we meet. IF … More Homework

penguins & snow

Well done to all those who made it into school today. Our first task was to undertake ‘penguin’ training (this enables the children to walk about outside safely). Having carried out a ‘test’ run inside we ventured outside. Tasked with building a snow person, they were soon hard at work. Before cold set in, the … More penguins & snow


We currently have limited water. If you have not yet started your journey, please wait until we advise further