This Week’s Learning

Success – no major injuries from our games of quicksticks today! However, I would advise against parking a precious car on the other side of the wall whilst Kestrels are playing.

In English, the children are continuing to write their planet stories. We are hoping (well, I am) to have them finished by half term, but this may not happen. All the best things are worth waiting for. The whole process of writing a narrative is very complex and the children are expected to plan ,write and edit their own and other people’s work.

In Maths, Year 6 have been working on percentages.

One of the questions they had today was: ‘ Football tickets cost £46.80 after a 20% decrease’.  Cindy says, ” The original tickets cost £56.16.”  Can you explain her mistake?

As you can see, this goes far beyond the calculation process.

Year 5 have been working on area of compound and irregular shapes. Here is an example of one of their tasks:

Investigate how many ways you can make different squares and rectangles with the same area of 84cm₂.What strategy did you use?

What lovely letters the Year 5 children wrote to Casper. I could see how much effort had gone into making the letter personal to Casper. Year 6  – keep going with the Maths – a few had a gentle reminder. Next week the revision questions will be online for Year 6. These really help with the revision process.

Homework – one last lot of spellings before the holiday. I’m really impressed with how the children use their sentences to practise those tricky sentence structures. Both year groups have been given some reading texts to have a go at. I have tried to give them a bit of a mix and I hope there is not too much moaning about the task. The good news is…..definitely no homework over the half term.

See you all on Monday.




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