A message from Mr. Waters

As some of you may already have heard, last week each child brought home a recorder – if she/he hadn’t already got one – and a note sheet. They’ve been tasked to learn the eight basic notes of the C scale.

Please could you encourage your child to spend just a couple of minutes a day on this: it will make a massive difference, and will open up exciting new possibilities for some really interesting music-making.

When I was at school I was naughty in whole class recorder lessons and was usually sent out; but I picked the instrument up when I was older and happily worked it out on my own. Of course Kestrels children are far better behaved than I was, but I do think it’s easier to master the basics on one’s own. Once they can play a few notes we can really have some fun.

They will need to bring their recorders in on Thursdays for music lesson; please don’t let them forget!



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