We will have the spelling test tomorrow, but we will then spend a relaxed day working on the shields and finishing off with a PE session. Please remind your child to bring in something to protect their uniform (some of the children have still got shirts here from yesterday). At the end of the day, … More Tomorrow

Next Week

The children will be making Anglo-Saxon shields on Wednesday. The process is likely to be messy, so please try to send your child in with an apron or an old shirt to use as an overall. I will be out all day on a course: I will be leaving the class in the capable hands … More Next Week

Maths Homework

Some of the children in Year 5 need a little more time to complete the homework I set last Friday. I have reactivated the quizzes, so those children who forgot to do the work have one more evening to try to get the work done.


Well done to the boys for a great team effort yesterday. Pedro was hugely impressed with the attitude and skill shown by each team member. Even though there were a couple of key players missing due to injury, they still managed to achieve a couple of victories. I’m sure they are looking forward to the … More Football