Wigs & Walking Sticks

Possibly last shout out for props: The ‘ladies’ would like some bling, bows and hairclips, and some handbags. Poundland carrier bag Long necklace (pearl?) &  tiara fingerless gloves Canes (I’m not sure if there are any in the pipeline) coat hangers make up to add grubbiness to orphans (or just leave them unwashed until Friday) … More Wigs & Walking Sticks

SATs Results

Due to our busy schedule, I felt it was important to touch base with the Year 6 children to give them feedback about their results. This will be followed up with the nitty gritty figures on Monday. Suffice to say, “Well done everyone – all your hard work paid off. I could not be more … More SATs Results

Tomorrow & Thursday

The children can wear home clothes tomorrow. Please congregate at Cumnor Theatre between 8.30 and 9am. Costumes in a  named bag please and everyone will need a packed lunch, water bottle and sun protection please. They might like to bring a book, or something quiet to do when they are not performing. I’ll take up … More Tomorrow & Thursday

Next Week

Good luck to the Chailey children, who will be out of school on Monday & Tuesday. Remember what I said, and if you want to come to Rounders Club (and to tell m what you’ve been up to) then I’d love to see you. The rest of the class will have PE on Monday and … More Next Week